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Opportunities Don't Happen, You Create Them. Nipsey Hussle's motivational podcast by clumsy entrepreneur on spotify.

“Opportunities Don’t Happen, You Create Them” Episode No. 189 (Subtitles)

This ultimate poise, like, I have been had it figured out. No, I just didn’t quit. That’s the only distinguishing quality from me and probably whoever else going through this or went through this or is going to go through this, is that I ain’t quit. I went through every emotion. I went through every emotion with trying to pursue what I’m doing, you know what I mean? And I think that what going to separate whoever’s going try to go for something is that you ain’t going to quit unless you’re going to really take the stance. If I’m a die behind what I’m getting at right now, this whole thing. We look at life like it’s about what you can get from life. And I think I read something, I was like, that’s not what it is. You’re going to always be unfulfilled. If you look at life like that. It’s about knowing you’re gonna leave one day. And you know when you leave, the only way. You’Re gonna be fulfilled is if You know, you gave everything you had. Really, though, you emptied yourself here and You left it all here because it’s temporary and you got a moment. I think that for me it’s like, I got kids, I got a daughter and a son. So you know got to factor in your kids. You can’t just all the way commit yourself to your cause, right? You got to make sure that you’re there for your kids. But outside of that, I want to be in this thing until I’m out of energy.

I don’t have nothing left to contribute. Words is powerful. And I think that the ability to articulate you can really impact people with words. Obviously, you’re a clear case of that, both of y’all being as an author, as a TV host, and just somebody that communicates for a living. So I just think that having an experience, a human experience in LA and just in the streets and a real culture coming from gang culture and articulating that through music became inspiring to people. That’s in that life, right? Even people outside of nothing. Master your energy. Do your best to master your energy and what you put out, unless that’s what you want. Because you entitled to whatever you want to create, whatever experience you want to create for yourself. But if you tired of that shit, adjust the energy. You know what I mean? As best you can, just adjust what you wake up thinking and what you say. And then lastly, what you do. And that’s not an easy thing to do because it’s such a pressure in these areas, it’s going to be installed. They’re going to know, like, yo, my dad was working. And that’s what I tell my daughter. Like, this is an opportunity. I’m first generation to this opportunity.

So you know what I’m saying? You’re going to make your sacrifices for it too, right? And I feel like the younger generation is actually taking that into play now. Like, the younger generation actually understands that. My mentality when I do start to. Be like, damn, this is a lot. You know what I’m saying? It’s just like, that’s what it’s supposed to feel like if you are going. Toward what the vision looked like, and. That’S like greatness that’s on multiple levels, that’s the vision that I’m working toward. So I’m like, I just think about that. Like, this shit ain’t supposed to feel comfortable. It’s supposed to be uncomfortable. It’s supposed to stretch you. It’s supposed to be a burden to a degree. And you got to wrap your mind around that and accept it and embrace it. Become experts at or just aware and knowledgeable about. But I feel like, don’t be in. No rush to take no money. That’s my main. Don’t be in a rush to take no check. Build it, you know what I mean?

Go slow and build it. Because as you learn, you’ll start to Really see your best route as opposed to learning after you didn’t already put. Your name on some and then having. All these regrets and You know what I mean? Like looking like a complainer or somebody. That going back on the world when you try to wiggle out that, you. Know what I mean? But now I would just say, just. Don’T be in a rush to take no bag. Like go slow with it and build it. You know what I mean? They say God will rise. And so when I was like 27, I was just riding around with one of my homegirls and she asked me what my name meant. My first name is Hermes and it’s East African you know and so I was just like you know it’s a common name back home I guess and she Googled it and she like nah your name means God will rise and that’s a powerful name you know when I when I realized what that meant and so um thank y’all so you know that that’s the one that’s really your kids want to rap are you into that I ain’t Gonna my thing I’m gonna tell them be you you feel me that’s it be you I can’t tell you what your your bubble is what you got inside of you trying to get out that’s for you to tell me huh you know what I’m saying it’s a way to do it though it’s the right way and the wrong way to do everything so the toughest part about fatherhood from Nipsey Hussle being a hustler being committed to the Grind yeah then you go outside and you get influenced and you
Feel pressure from from what’s going on outside and so you know I read one time like would you rather be at war with yourself in that peace with the world or at peace with yourself in our war with the world and now it’s powerful.

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