When Feeling Low, Cherish What You Have and Those Who Love You | Most Powerful Motivational Speech Will Open Your Closed Eyes

When Feeling Low, Cherish What You Have and Those Who Love You | Most Powerful Motivational Speech Will Open Your Closed Eyes

“When Feeling Low, Cherish What You Have and Those Who Love You” Episode No. 195 (Subtitles)

He said joy and depression cannot reside in the same space so when you get down and you start thinking about how dark it is I want you to remember everything your mother taught you that was good and that replaced all the negative thoughts. I was having because Joy and depression cannot reside in the same space. Well now you got to take that concept and apply it to your life when you get depressed and you get discouraged you got to replace it with joy and what more can and more joyous than gratitude.

What has God done for you did you wake up today ain’t you still breathing don’t you have some measure of Health ain’t you working you may not have a car you want but don’t you have a car ain’t you eating groceries today you ain’t homeless now when you start tripping and you get depressed you gotta go you got to go into yourself and come up with some Gratitude. Once you get grateful you can’t be discouraged and grateful at the same time not do it.

Yeah you see that Jamie yep you see that yep you see that that’s that’s it I’m trying to show y’all what happened it’s bottle up the anxiety on the inside and finally Bob you’re gonna explode you’re gonna explode you got too much going on without God things that’s not the anxiety that’s the problem it’s the fact that you’re doing Conflict by yourself you’re doing health problems by yourself you’re doing dangerous situations by yourself you’re doing death by yourself you’re doing unmeet needs by yourself you’re doing spiritual problems by yourself doing false beliefs by yourself unmet needs you’re not putting that stress on our wife for our husband we’re taking it to Christ Our spiritual problems we’re going before the father, son of the Holy Ghost.

I left for comforter I left for comforter I left a comforter those false beliefs we don’t have to watch TV Jamie get caught up on those false beliefs look at that Jamie look how look what happens when we do it with Christ it’s that cool refreshing dream.

I look at depression I like there’s a lot of ways you can break it up but I look at it like is it exogenous depression or endogenous Depression? I mean is it coming from the inside out or the outside in these external things. So you don’t need a pill I mean put somebody in a chemical straight jacket because their life’s falling apart what the hell is that gonna do yeah but that’s just putting goggles on them where they can’t see it I would much rather get them to behave their way to success say what are you reacting to that you’re depressed about let’s put that on a to-do list and start like you said write it down and start Crossing those things off let’s figure what’s an action plan to change this action plan to change the next thing actually and then when you start doing that then you generally see their mood lift a lot of people that are depressed are just realistically reacting to a crummy circumstance in their life it’s not necessarily a mental illness it’s just a realistic reaction to a bad spot in their life.

Every day I used to go home and work on my communication skills developing my myself it was Whitney Young he said it’s better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one than to have an opportunity and not be prepared start working and developing yourself now and prepare yourself for what it is that you want because you expect to get it and when the disc jockeys were in the control room I would go in and watch them and develop the trust level and they would let me stay and I would watch and observe them working their controls. When you want something out of life don’t worry about how you’re going to get it how is none of your business the most difficult thing it is is to hold the vision is to hold the vision. So there I was at the radio station a guy was on the air and he started to drink by the name of rock I was outside the window looking at him and watching, hungry and ready, saying, drink rock drink.

Pretty soon the phone rang it was a general manager I said hello he said Les this is Mr. Klein I said I know. He said Rock can’t finish his program he’s slurring his words I said I know can you work the controls until one of the other disc jockeys come in would you call them I said yes sir.

I hung the photo I said now he must be thinking I’m crazy. I call my mom and my girlfriend Cassandra said y’all come out on the front porch and Turn up the radio I’m about to come on the air. It happened to me the other day I woke up I just wasn’t on the right side of the bed went downstairs and started doing my meditation.

I pull out a list of everything I’m grateful for by the time I got to the 13th thing I thank God for 75 things every morning by the time I got to 13 I was fine because guess what I’m alive I’m breathing I’m healthy I’m finna go do a job I tell jokes they fixing to pay me Lord they fitting to pay me my grandkids is healthy my children is healthy they ain’t calling me asking me for nothing they did at 10 but at eight they didn’t want nothing I just started to that’s that’s how you do it that’s how you do it, that’s how you count that.

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