Slavery is no Longer Physical, It’s Now Mental – XXXTENTACION | Most Powerful Inspirational Speech Will Open Your Closed Eyes

Slavery is no Longer Physical, It is Now Mental - XXXTENTACION | Most Powerful Inspirational Speech Will Open Your Closed Eyes by clumsy entrepreneur podcast

“Slavery is no Longer Physical, It’s Now Mental” Episode No. 194 (Subtitles)

Else you can have an amazing career you can have an amazing career you can have the most money you can you can have all of these things but if you’re not growing as a person if you can’t look at yourself and consider yourself a good person and you can’t be satisfied with yourself what are you really not like mentally the slavery is not physical anymore it’s mental as far as the New World Order has come in the shape of Election Electronics you know what I’m saying taking away your mind from what you want to apply it.

To the mind is but a magnet to what you want you know what I’m saying the Law of Attraction like all the laws of the Universe I study all the laws not to repeat myself it’s better to be respected through love rather than fear simply because like all right I was respected through fear and it’s not real love it’s not real love and it drives people the way it makes. People treat you differently.

It makes people really like it’s just not genuine it’s not what you really would want so don’t look at everything else as the problem look at yourself and see how you can change yourself to where nothing bothers you to where you’re unbothered about a lot of things and to where life doesn’t exactly affect you in that manner it’s changing your perception that kind of changed the world around you because it’s the small Things that we don’t appreciate so in order to appreciate everything you have to be very very analytical.

So in being analytical you start to observe the world in a different manner so even how you approach people even how you move even how you think and you change the way you think you change the way you perceive the world so and yourself the whole point is evolution and creation if you’re not evolving you’re doing something wrong so anything that takes away the power of your mind is keeping you still and delaying your evolution the whole point of life is evolution study your laws of the universe a law of attraction the law of abundance The Law of Equivalent Exchange study your laws the laws of cause and effect karmic cycle study your laws dwell into your mind meditate and let them do it.

Get me I’m the type of person where if I’m if I’m gonna lead someone or I’m gonna do this sh*t and people idolize me I’m gonna leave them in the right direction for me I’m not trying to be a prick right you get me any negativity sent my way is being transmuted to positive energy so any attention that’s being set sent my way I want to let you guys know that I will only entertain it from a positive perspective and that’s just in general with anything and I and you can take this and you can subject it to anything you would like to because obviously if energy is going to be sent my way anyways my goal is to always transmute it.

Take that energy and transmute it towards my compassion and my loyalty and my love from my support base as a whole and just even put it into your lives as well to feel good you need to have you need to increase your self-love you need to increase the amount of time that you spend with yourself get off of the cell Phone get off f**king internet be a person and learn how to love yourself so that way we can end this cycle of Destruction we can end this cycle of hate and we can start experiencing more love and there will be more but there will be more more love in the streets more genuine love more genuine care for people you can’t care for someone if you don’t love yourself.

No one can explain why you are alive no one can save you but you you have to put the mind into what you want to put the Mind into if you believe in something you can achieve it now that doesn’t mean everybody needs to be a rapper that does not mean everybody needs to be f**king painter or an artist that doesn’t mean that way your art can be in your emotion your art can be in your mind now you can be a doctor and that can be a form of art you can be a therapist and that can be a form of art it’s how you articulate you get it.

Articulate how long are we going to sit aside and let them murder our Prophets how long are we going to set aside like you have these people that arise and come out of nowhere in our teachers and our and our people that are supposed to lead and push people in the right direction with energy of the youth yes of the youth because they’re they are the ones that can be molded I have to be Very careful with my message all I want is for people to be able to be themselves to be free-minded to ideally understand themselves more and to unlock that piece of their mind that gives them Clarity that gives them ground you understand understand that.

You can alter your Realms by your train of thought the minute you slow down your thought be able to leave your body through astral projection you only you’re only enslaved if you Can’t control your mind so while you can and while you don’t have the whole world against you or you don’t have a lot of worries worry on freeing your mind from this realm when you can free your mind from this realm everything is but a thought and if you can’t free your mind then you’re a slave to this realm.

There is no such thing no one can tell you who to be so end purpose you have to create your own purpose and in evolution you have to Evolute towards that purpose it’s easier to live when you have goals to meet you understand if you have goals to meet then you don’t feel so voided and you understand why you why every day you’re looking at this person in the mirror because that is the cool part about the game you get to be anybody you want to be now take that please and I hope the little words that I did say did motivate you and I’m sorry if I didn’t give you Any sort of clarity I was scatterbrained like I said I winged this I just simply wanted to speak to you guys.

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