You Could Do Anything You Set Your Mind To – Juice Wrld | Most Powerful Inspirational Speech Will Change Your Life

You Could Do Anything You Set Your Mind To | Juice Wrld | Most Powerful Inspirational Speech Will Change Your Life by clumsy entrepreneur podcast

“You Could Do Anything You Set Your Mind To” Episode No. 193 (Subtitles)

My message to the youth is to be strong no matter what you’re going through. So if you need help, seek help. Whether if you’re on a professional help, seek helping of surround yourself with people that help you that’ll listen to you. They got your best interests. Whatever you want to do in life, find something that you don’t mind doing for the rest of your life. Find something that you like and even if it seems like it’s impossible, it’s very very possible. So don’t get nervous if you have a big goal just chip away at it until you get to where you need to be.

I mean throughout life it’s always going to be a lot of discouraging people that you know use the word can’t and try to hold you back but you just gotta stay true to yourself and make sure that you know you’re aware of your potential and make sure that you know that we’re all human beings we all on the same Earth so with that being said you can achieve anything if not more than what you see other people achieving aspects make sure to stay grounded with your family.

And just don’t give up because a year ago I was gonna quit this sht like I wasn’t going to quit this sht but I was going to stop taking this seriously like it was going to be like a hobby instead of a passion you know because I mean I feel like after a certain point in the artist whether they want to admit it or not if they’re not seeing your results they’re going to start doubting themselves and I took thatsh*t to the max so it was It was kind of all bad.

But I’m glad I kept going because look now like she’s paying off so I think the main advice I give myself is just to not give up keep keep striving you know obviously relationship love is different but we have a good relationship with your parents you know for a fact that person loves you and that you love that person you could be just as certain about you could be just a certain about you know your partner like you know for the fact that you love them and the fact that they love you so like it’s just a feeling like you know what it is when you feel it but if you’ve never fail to before it’ll tweak you the fck out when you feel like real love it’s just at the end of the day all this sht is like a blessing and like everything though even all this sht like when people switch up and like you know people like oh you acting all Hollywood not like all that sht is good because it shows you how people react to you when you go through different phases in your life so like all like you know all the fake sh*t exposing itself all the like the fake family members come out the world where that’s happening uh yeah a couple times just a couple extended family members.

I ain’t never really talked to like that just popped up like Yo you know acting more friendly and you know you see sht like that you’re supposed to see from like a mile away though and like just being being able to say that I experienced it kind of just you know makes me more aware ofsht Grade School uh I did a lot of sports I played basketball I played baseball I was just average good you know so like it’s 30 other people just as good as me if not better on the court at music I was over average and I gave it my all And it came easy so that’s just something that I always excelled in even when I was playing piano playing guitar whatever always just Excel to music.

So why not take it as far as it could go you got to be able to read people like yo is this person is this person going to be toxic to my life is this person going to be fake are they going to do me wrong stab me in the back take advantage of me whatever or are they gonna be a good friend a good homie you got Whatever the fck whoever the fck that person may be to you are they gonna be a good that are they gonna put like you know help you out in tough times like you would help them out in tough times you know what I’m saying it’s just like you gotta have a balance because it’s like you can’t just shun everybody and cut everybody off you miss opportunities like that and you miss chances to establish friendships and even excel in Life you never know who you who knows who when you run into people like you never know you got to know how to operate it’s like a balance to this sh*t some people are cool to keep in your life but at a distance some people are cool to keep close and some people aren’t cool and not even see them right at the end of the day.

I like to make people happy you know like I like to I like to spread Joy I like to make people happy I like to Like create connections with music and you know Vibes and bring people together and I think that’s the main thing that’s why like you’ve seen me like when I’m playing so I’ll just be looking because I’ll be like I like seeing Joy because it brings me joy you know I’m not necessarily the most joyful person in the world but that’s one thing that does make me happy making music especially that other people could relate to and that makes them see that makes them Happy it’s like good energy it’s almost like the uh like a lot of universe type sht you know you reciprocate the sht so the love for music this sh*t is like music gets me high.

You know other people say that but like I think this sht really gets me hard right puts me in another place music is has intoxicating effects on me in my soul so like I’ve always been attracted to music and then to be able to have a platform to make the thing that I’m attracted to and be Like the creator of the sht that people fck with it puts me in just the mindset where that’s all I want to do I love performing too but I think I love recording the most I love creating and recording the most I was having like relationship troubles at the same time it felt like my music wasn’t going to where I wanted it to go and my grades were fckd up in high school and it was time like to you know for colleges to start looking at m*therf*ck*rs and I Wasn’t on any like sports teams or none of that.

So I’m like bro what the fck am I gonna do after high school like you know and I was just I’d be sitting in my room just going crazy over this sht and it’s weird because it’s not like I didn’t understand this sht like I used to like my ACT score was high as sht I got like a 24 or some sht so like I was smart as hell I just being in school just wasn’t for me and my music in my head wasn’t where I thought it should be So it was just like what the fck do I do and I didn’t want to work no regular job or none of that sht so I was literally just walking around and living my life and confusion trying to figure out what was the next move and something just told me to keep pushing music just keep making music arguing with certain people just like you know I’m saying just just absorbing sht and obtaining knowledge.

I just became I feel like a wiser person and a More aware of Person of what’s going on my surroundings and like myself and sht and money of course that’s cool it feels good to to be financially stable and to be able to have fun without worrying about expenses that obviously that’s fun but I feel like the sht that sticks more is the sht that you learn mentally especially all that sht so success is me waking up every day and for me to do like me being able to do whatever the f*ck.

I want comfortably without having To worry about anything if I want to wake up and donate 10 billion dollars to a charity I can without having to feel like damn this sht just hurt my pockets you know what I’m saying or if I want to take if I want to live in fking France for like six months and you know just being able to literally do whatever the fck I want comfortably and I have a worry make sure my family and all my close ones are taken care of that’s that’s success in my eyes okay before I Get up out of here I want to tell you that you could do anything you put your mind to period as long as you work hard give it your all and don’t listen to what anybody got to say it’s your world you could do what you want Oh bro period always remember that I love every single last one of y’all everybody get home safe gang gang.

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